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About Student Chapter

Welcome to the new website of ACCE(I).                                                                      Dear Members. If you have not started receiving SMS and Email regarding the activities of OUR Association, yet, kindly update your Mobile Number and Email Id through the "LOGIN" on the landing page.                    We are moving to our own New Premises very shortly to serve you better.


Student Chapter Information

ACCE (I) is admitting Undergraduate Student members into its fold since 2011. As a part of its continuous endeavour to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry, ACCE (I) has evolved, several well-structured proactive programs to upgrade the skills of Civil engineering Undergraduate Student and in reciprocation, has received overwhelming response from the academia.

Starting June 2015, ACCE (I) has added a new dimension to this movement, by announcing opening of Student Chapters in those institutions who are Lifetime Organisation Members of ACCE (I). This shall entail a new relation between Undergraduate Student and the Association, in terms of skill development in the ambience in which, Students are comfortable. Each Student chapter will have a mentor from ACCE (I) who will guide and monitor the events of such chapters.

For the Undergraduate Student, who encounters difficulty with class work, ACCE- Student Chapter may become inspirational and help in encouraging a different approach. Further, coming in contact with professionals in an out-of-classroom setting can improve their outlook towards their profession.

While initiating this new movement at ACCE (I), we realize our responsibility as nation builders and the role that a future civil engineer has to play keeping sustainability at the core of his progress. Professional Development Group at ACCE(I) is always available to assist in any matters concerning the operation of ACCE (I) Student Chapters.


Under Process


Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India),
No.2, UVCE Alumni Association Building,
K R Circle,
Bangalore 560 001, INDIA.






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